Holiday Items 2014

It's been a busy year, and I'm looking forward to getting back into a more normal groove with less traveling! There's not very much time for rest, however, because the holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and it's time to get prepared! 

With that in mind, the two things I want to remind you of are...

Christmas Tree Sets:

Medium Christmas Tree Set - Retail $30

Medium Christmas Tree Set - Retail $30

And Whisker Combs:

Whisker Combs - Retail $10 each

Whisker Combs - Retail $10 each

Both make excellent gifts for folks who are usually hard to shop for. The whisker combs are tiny and make great stocking stuffers. The tree sets are lovely, simple, and pack flat for storage during the off season.


2014 Show Schedule

  • January Buyers Market of American Craft (Wholesale Only) - Philadelphia
  • January-February New York Now (Wholesale Only)
  • February 19-23 American Craft Council Show - Baltimore (Wholesale and Retail)
  • March 3-9 Philadelphia Flower Show
  • March 13-16 American Craft Council Show - Atlanta
  • April 10-13 American Craft Council Show - St. Paul
  • May 10-11 Art Star Craft Bazaar - Philadelphia
  • July 5 Art Star Craft Bazaar Pop Up Market - Philadelphia
  • July 18-20 Renegade Craft Show - San Francisco
  • August 16-19 New York Now (Wholesale Only)

2015 Show Schedule

  • January 16-19 American Made Show(Wholesale Only, previously BMAC)
  • January 31 - February 4 New York Now (Wholesale Only)