Introducing #10onthe10th - a year of creatives giving back

An introduction to my new series #10onthe10th!

Every month on the 10th I will be talking about a charity that I respect, and 10% of my online sales on that day will be donated to the charity of the month. The best part is, I'm not the only one doing this! Subscribe and follow along to see what other artists are participating, and what charities we will be talking about.

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Coaster Sets! Now Available

Coaster Sets are up!

A set of four coasters to protect your furniture. Each set comes with a lazy stand, tilted just so that the coasters stay put until you need them.

Each coaster is 3.75 inches square, and .375 inches thick.

Perfect for a housewarming gift, or a wedding present for those that are too hard to shop for!

Handmade in Pennsylvania from local, sustainably harvested cherry wood. Due to the handmade and natural nature of my work, the wood grain of the coaster set you receive will likely vary slightly from the wood grain of the coasters in the pictures.

The wood in this piece has been treated with boiled linseed oil. This oil hardens into the wood giving it a bit of protection. Linseed oil is a traditional wood finish that brings out the natural color of cherry wood without actually staining it.

Because these coasters are treated with a natural finish, they will wear over time. It is my belief that this adds to their beauty and individuality.

Introducing - Twilight


Jewelry Bench Box in the new Twilight design.

My new motif, Twilight, was inspired by the time I spend exploring the woods of Southeastern Pennsylvania. My family has deep roots in New England, and the Mid-Atlantic region. Mountains, woods, and a powerful starry sky have been a part of my life since day one.

Twilight bud vases, both small (3") and large (6").

Using a Twilight iPad stand to read a knitting pattern.

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